Monday, 1 December 2014

Jenn 2.0

Hi. This is Jenn.
Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.12.32
I'm starting again, and here I am. 
I like; dairylea dunkers (only the jumbo tubes, obviously), nice texts, good tv shows, kisses on the forehead, clean bedsheets, buying new bedding, church on Christmas Eve, when he comes home, horrifically drunk motown dancing, studying, nice old people, hot water, hugs from him, Kylie Jenner (sorry, not sorry), doing his laundry, putting on makeup, dressing all fancy (that’s not often), BED.
I don’t like; getting up, mushrooms, scraping noises, when salt & vinegar crisps melt my mouth off, my hair moulting EVERYWHERE, working, taking my makeup off, when people don’t bother trying to understand, forceful people, that my dog doesn’t like me, anxiety, putting away laundry, trying to get to sleep, rain (in Scotland anyway), Nicky Minaj.
I really don’t like; when he leaves, deaths (duh), panic attacks, Meghan Trainor (urgh).
These lists could be endless but I’m sleepy and I have a headache… I should have added those to the list, oh well. I don’t even know if I’ll write on here ever again but isn’t it awfully exciting to wait and find out? No? Never mind. Tally ho, I’m off to eat some digestives.
Big love, Jenn xxxxx