Friday, 9 March 2012

Topshop & Boots Haul

Boots & Topshop HAUL

This is just a small collection of makeup which has been purchased in aboouut the past two weeks. I have tried and tested each product and will give my honest opinion as to what I think on most aspects on the items.

I've picked up three lipsticks in the past two weeks, two from Topshop and one by MUA.  The price of the Topshop is obviously nothing compared to the bargain of the MUA lipstick range at an amazing £1! Topshop's lipstick range is currently at £8 a piece, which I think is pretty pricey. They don't hold a massive range but the colours that they do are to die for. All About Me is a gorgeous hot pink in a matte finish, which I find a bit drying (but that's probably just my crumby chapped lips at the moment).  This finish makes the colour really last on my lips and I find I only need so many touch ups throughout the day. Ohh La La is a beautiful coraly pink and is in a "velvet" finish, which suits my lips so much better. I did find that the colour did clump in areas if I don't use a lip primer and since it is quite glossy I found it didn't stay on my lips very long at all and I need several touch ups during the day.  MUA's Shade 13 is a voluptuous cherry red which I would say was in a velvet finish. It wasn't at all drying and also lasts well on the lips and for £1 I think it's bloody fantastic!! I'm not so keen on the rest of MUA's colour selection but this bold red is a winner with me.  I think with Topshop's Lipsticks you are paying for the adorable packaging and the quirky names but if you're after a quick fix on your more typical lipstick shades I can recommend MUA's range 100%!!

 I have been meaning to get my hands on Topshops cream to powder blush in Head Over Heels for a while now and I have no idea how I've done without it! At the small price of £6 I think this blush is worth every penny. The creamyness works wonders on my dry skin and it blends so easily for a subtle glowy cheek. The packaging is Topshops usual incredibly cute white plastic with sketchy polkadots. The colour is a beautiful light coraly pink, which really suits my pale skin, and it lasts pretty much all day. All in all the product is another winner and makes me giddy happy!

This is No7's Vital Enlightening Highlighter and let me tell you, after purchasing this bad boy it is definitely a "vital" part of my makeup routine! This highlighter retails at £13 in Boots stores but you may know that Boots have been handing out £5 off No7 product vouchers when you spend £5 or more SO it became £8, which I think is mighty worth it! It has such a beautiful velvety texture and almost feels like a cream, although its not, it's a powder. Although it looks pretty harsh in my swatch above, it blends out so evenly and beautifully for a subtle glow. The packaging is not really my cup of tea. It's a bit boxy and naff. I don't really see the point in the overly colourful design on the front (I don't think it looks like anything to do with No7 as they usually do simple, nice packaging) but at least I'll probably never lose it! I'm not sure if I would pay the whole £13 for it, as I do love the highlighters at topshop which are actually cheaper (shock horror!) but I'm sure if Boots does another promo for No7 I think I'd probably pop £8 on it again.

Accessorize's Baked Bronzer Duo in Bali really floats my boat. I think that the shade on the right (swatched on the left finger) is a similar concept to MAC's soft and gentle, although obviously not as wonderful it gives a slightly bronzed glowy, dewy look. The shade on the left of the palette (swatched on the right finger) is more suited for contouring cheekbones. I definitely wound NOT use this to contour your temples or the rest of your face as it is far too shimmery and orangey for anyone to get away with it. I love the way that this combo looks on my cheeks and really makes my lack of cheekbones stand out. 

Play For Keeps is a difficult one... I can say that I was quite happy to pay £5 for the cute packaging and equally cute name but the colour was not really what I had hoped for. In the bottle Play For Keeps appears (to me, anyway) as a pastelly nudey coral and I went for this colour as I was going for a natural colour that wasn't a browny nude shade. When painted on my nails the colour is SO much brighter, it's almost like a neon coral... If that exists? I mean I love all shades of coral and orange and I have quite a large collection of this kind of shade already which is why I was maybe a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong the colour is gorgeous and I will use it, it just bums me a bit that I'm going to have to try and find another nail varnish that will satisfy my needs before. I'll obviously have to be more careful....

I hope you've found this haul helpful and informative. These are just my opinions and you may think differently of these products. I bought all these products myself and have not been asked to review them but have done so in hope of helping you guys :)

For more hauls, reviews and OOTD's like this please follow.

Much love, Jen xo


  1. Beautiful lipsticks! Lovely blog :)

    1. Thanks so much :) And yeah, those lipsticks are pretty damn finee ;)